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- SOLD OUT - Yin & Tonic

Enjoy Yin yoga and live music with yoga teachers Javier and Catia deeply infused by Dhruv's magical Sitar melodies to enhance your yoga practice and open the body to deep healing.

Towards the end of our yin practice we will offer the option of trying/ bringing your own Shakti Mat to explore the ultimate state of relaxation.

Immersion includes live music, 2 certified Yin Yoga teachers (one teaching and the second one adjusting/ helping with props) and ends with healthy drinks and treats.

Saturday 14th May at Yoga West, Titirangi.

What is a Shakti Mat?

"TheShakti Mat is an acupressure mat designed to relax the body and calm the mind. It stimulates blood circulation and provides acupressure simultaneously, helps to reboots energy levels after exercise, helps with pain relief, improves quality of sleep and awakens tired and stiff muscles ans you enter into a deep, relaxed state."

The Shakti Mat can be useful for:

- Back, neck and shoulder pain
- Providing deeper more restful sleep
- Relaxing muscle tension
- Stress
- Detoxification
- headaches and migraines
- Boosting circulation

Mostly used on back, feet, neck and shoulders this product designed in Sweden represents another beneficial tool to help calm, de-stress, unwind and yet subtly stimulate the body.

If you'd like to try/purchase one of the 3 options (light, original or advanced) and learn how to use them properly please contact Javier our certified Yoga teacher on 0221038742 or