Vinyasa is an energising style of yoga which is great for all yogis. Inspiring the mindful sequencing of movement and breath, it is a form of moving meditation building flexibility, strength, stamina and awareness of mind body connection. Yoga postures run together as a fluid sequence to create a strong practice, all mixed in with a sweet playlist and a few laughs. This is yoga for YOUR body, no stress, no competition, no judgement. Classes are tailored to suit the students - everyone welcome!


Need some time to chill out and give your body back some love? We got you. Yin yoga is designed to release stress and tension from the body, calm the mind and renew the spirit. Poses are mainly floor based and held for 3-5 mins each. Set with some mellow tunes, in this class we will breathe, lengthen and nourish your beautiful bodies while providing a space of peace and stillness to help you to slow down. Suitable for ALL levels. Treat yourself - you won’t regret it! 


Need an escape? Come and find your calm. Slow Flow balances ease and strength, by offering many of the dynamic vinyasa postures but at a slow, fluid pace. The end of this class will provide a restorative practice which will be sure to leave you feeling uplifted, healthful and harmonious. A great class option for all levels.


Wonderfully relaxing and nurturing classes to help you stay grounded, relaxed and energised during your pregnancy. The posture, sequences and breathing techniques are designed specifically for the needs of pregnant women from the 12th week of pregnancy. Learn about the changes within your body, build confidence and spend time with your beautiful baby. A perfect way to meet other Mums to be.

Yoga Basics course

The Yoga Basics course is designed exclusively for new students and experienced yogis looking for a refresher. We teach the fundamentals of yoga postures (asanas), correct body alignment and breathing techniques. We offer insight into the principles of yoga philosophy and how to cultivate a mind body connection. The supportive environment of this class will provide you with the necessary foundation to develop a safe and rewarding yoga practice.


This class includes seated asana, spinal rotations, pranayama, chanting, visualisation and meditation. The essence of the practice lies in rising up the energy of Kundalini, or Shakti, while drawing down the energy of Shiva, and uniting these two aspects of consciousness (Shakti and Shiva) in the heart space.


This class is open to anyone interested in the art of meditation. Meditation has numerous benefits and has been shown in studies to reduce stress, fatigue, loneliness and increase cortical processing and energy levels. These classes are either Yoga Nidra, mindfulness based or other various guided meditations. The classes are an inclusive space with time to reflect and connect, and to integrate your experience with others if needed. No prior experience is necessary and beginners are very welcome. You are welcome to sit, or lie supported for the meditations.


This is a dynamic asana practice that is sure to build heat and get you moving, finished with a relaxing wind down and rest. Great for those who enjoy a stronger flow with an emphasis on building endurance and strength in the body mind through yoga. Some yoga experience is encouraged for these classes.