Yoga West is West Auckland's newest yoga studio, situated in the beautiful leafy village of Titirangi. This calming urban retreat will encourage you to stay connected to your centre and your natural presence, while in the midst of daily life. 

At Yoga West, we offer a variety of yoga styles and classes and warmly welcome all students - from those seeking to try yoga for the first time, to seasoned yogis wanting to inspire a regular practice. All our teachers have undertaken the highest quality training and are passionate about sharing the healthful benefits of yoga. 

We believe there is a yoga practice for everyone, and it is our hope that you can find one that changes your life into a happier, healthier and more heart-centred one!


Steph Meaden - Co Founder of Yoga West - Wellness & Meditation Coaching

When Steph first fell in love with yoga, she found it the perfect way to practice self-care in the midst of a high stress lifestyle. Through some enlightening global adventures and after completing her yoga teacher training in Bali in 2013, it became clear that there was an alternative to the fast paced way of life she was seeing around her. By sharing her vision of how to create a happy, balanced and fulfilling life, Steph supports others to align with their goals and values and create positive relationships.  She is a strong advocate for incorporating yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and nature into personalised wellness plans.

Steph's extensive clinical background in mental health, understanding of holistic wellbeing and love of motivational conversation make her an inspirational and refreshing mentor. Her therapeutic style is positive, compassionate and completely individualised. 

Haidee Stairmand - Slow Flow + Yoga Basics Course
(Available for private sessions)

Haidee’s initial exploration of yoga in 2002 led to a great love of the practice, which she felt compelled to share with others as a teacher. ‘Yoga has given me an understanding of myself and my place in the world. I’ll always consider myself a lifelong student of yoga, and I am continually learning and exploring.’

Haidee has practiced yoga regularly for over 15 years and has been teaching since 2013. Her aim is to enable others to move freely without injury, and to create a calmness of mind in a busy world through intelligent yoga practices.

‘I love anatomy, the human form and movement. I encourage a curious approach to yoga and life that allows others to discover what works for them, in a clear and uncomplicated way - creating a body mind that is mobile, stable, functions well and is a great place to live.’

Haidee specialises in working with injuries/limitations and physical or mental trauma. She is a certified iRest® Yoga Nidra Level One teacher.

John Allan

John Allan - Vinyasa

A designer by trade, John has spent much of his life in the process of creation. From graphic design to urban and garden design, there have been many outlets for his creative passion. After trying hard to avoid yoga for many years, there was no way it wasn't going to be a huge part of his life once he met his partner, who introduced him to the dynamic, vibrant practices of Vinyasa, AcroYoga and Aerial Yoga. 

For John, yoga helped him understand and discover balance, how to move through stuck energy and find the flow, ease and grace of life. The connection discovered through partner based AcroYoga changed the way John moved and operated in the world. Yoga quickly became an essential part of John’s daily routine and the love for dynamic, creative movement fuelled his desire to train in Vinyasa, which he completed in early 2016.

Sabrina Struys - Yin 

Sabrina 1.png

Sabrina first stumbled upon yoga half a decade ago. She was at in a place in her life where she had completely changed her lifestyle and needed something to help ground her and give peace of mind. For Sabrina, yoga was it. As she delved deeper into her practice, she found such peace that she wanted to learn how to teach so she could pass on this beautiful practice, and that's exactly what she did. Her main style of teaching is Yin yoga, and her main focus is to help people create a positive loop by taking time to focus on the breath and calming the mind - once the mind is calm, the body relaxes. With the busy lifestyles we are all living, Sabrina believes it is vital to counterbalance this with yoga and meditation. 

Aleksandra Antevska - Vinyasa + Yin

Aleks is an academic, a star-gazer and wellness-warrior that is dedicated to good food, good moves and good thoughts!

She started her practice over 10 years ago right here in West Auckland. She has since completed many hours of Yin and Vinyasa training in Ubud, Bali and has gone on to teach all over our fair city. Her intention is notice the spontaneous peace that arises when we choose to participate in the present moment, through linking breath with movement in Vinyasa or though the stillness and sensation found in Yin yoga.

Aleks aims to one day merge her research career in health with more holistic approaches to wellness, in order to change health practices on a bigger scale.

Shaz Babapour - Vinyasa 

Shaz is a yoga teacher and on her way to becoming a Holistic Nutritionist. She has been practicing yoga for 6 years, and completed her yoga teachers training in Costa Rica. With previous studies in Psychology and Physiology as well as a past career in healthcare, the connection between mind, body, soul and spirit became very apparent to her.

Yoga has provided a way to calm her mind and connect with her truth. Shaz is passionate about using yoga to create space and balance in our busy lives, and is excited to share the healing power of this ancient practice with you! 





Rani YW

Rani Michelle - Vinyasa

Rani is a dedicated yogi, dancer and movement lover. Her curiosity for yoga and meditation began over 15 years ago when she found that regular practice creates an overall state of wellbeing, and she continues to be committed to her studies and practice. She has recently returned to New Zealand after teaching in Melbourne for 6 years.

Rani is interested in how yoga practice relates to our every day life experiences. Through movement and self-inquiry we can develop the awareness to access our somatic wisdom, which is the wisdom of our bodies on a cellular level.

Rani’s goal as a facilitator is to inspire and guide others into self-empowerment through movement and connecting to their inner truth. She encourages her students to cultivate a deeper connection to self, which in turn creates a deeper connection to others and the environment around us. She offers a playful practice that has an emphasis on breath and alignment. Rani is experienced at teaching to whoever is in the room, accommodating all levels of practice.


Misato Radovanovich - Pregnancy Yoga + Mums & Bubs Yoga Course

Originally from Japan, Misato is a mother of two school-aged children and has been an active yoga practitioner for over 16 years.

Prior to acquiring her 200H yoga teaching qualification in 2016, she has worked as a translator/interpreter for multinational firms, experiencing first-hand the benefit yoga brings to what could otherwise be a very busy/hectic lifestyle.  Yoga has empowered her with inner peace and confidence throughout her pregnancies and childbirth. Her passion lies in sharing her joy of yoga with those who are beginners, or who have never experienced the true enlightenment that yoga brings to the inner self.

She believes that no practitioner is too stiff or ‘inflexible’ for yoga - it is all about finding the right modifications to make the postures work for the individual’s needs, so everyone can feel great and completely comfortable about being in their own body.


Mibella Villafaña - Yin & Vinyasa

Hailing from sunny Southern California, I have always had a deep curiosity of the world, and ended up living in NZ to raise my two young boys with my Kiwi hubby. 

Little did I know that being a competitive gymnast for 12 years would lead me to an intense yoga practice in 2011 as a way to channel all my physical energy in an aligned and healthy way. This became extremely important after dealing with a serious cervical spine injury. 

I completed my 200 hour Teacher Training in Los Angeles, CA in 2013 while practicing Vinyasa, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Yin, meditation and Power Yoga in L.A and various other parts of the world.

My interests in yoga are supporting people through their practice, with qualities of yin and yang for balance and discovering self awareness through physical aptitude. I have a deep love for traditional yogic practices and meditation, and I love bringing my experiences and knowledge into my teaching.  

Justyna Schroeder - Yin 

Justyna discovered yoga over 18 years ago, in a very loud and chaotic centre in London. From there, yoga has been a constant throughout the many changes in her life.

Having explored many styles of yoga, it was after Justyna did a Yin yoga class several years ago that she fell in love with the deep, calming effect of Yin. Inspired to take her love of the practice further, she embarked on her 200 hour Teacher Training in Yin Therapy with a strong focus on anatomy, energy work and meditation. 

Further training in Reiki as a healing modality has complimented Justyna’s approach to holistic wellness through movement, energy and stillness of the mind.

Justyna is passionate about the potential for Yin to provide a perfect counterbalance to our lives that are often busy with striving and ‘doing.’ The idea of observing oneself with compassion and non-judgement is central to her approach, where she aims to create a safe and nurturing environment for students to let go, both emotionally and physically through Yin Yoga and to support them on their own Journey.

Justyna2 (002).jpg


Kara-Leah Grant - Tantra Sadhana

Kara-Leah is an internationally-renowned retreat leader, teacher and author. She has impacted millions of people over the last decade through her articles, books, videos and teaching.

Passionate about liberation in this lifetime, Kara-Leah practices and teaches an everyday path of awakening. This path is grounded in Direct Realisation Tantra and focuses on dissolving layers of the conditioned mind into deeper and deeper heart-felt presence.