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Emotions in Yoga: A Workshop


If you've tried yoga you've likely heard that yoga teacher adage "Emotion is stored in your hips". In fact, our whole body stores emotion. Emotion is simply energy in motion. When we interrupt that flow of energy it becomes stuck in the body. Yoga and meditation are two ways of getting this energy moving again.  


Join Jessica Mackie, yoga teacher and life coach, within a safe environment and journey into the territory of emotions: 

- Cultivate a new awareness and relationship with your emotions

- Learn to work with them effectively in asana and other yogic practices

- Apply these tools and techniques in daily life.


This workshop is suitable for all levels and includes:

- Discussion of principles

- Yin yoga practice - putting the teachings into action

- Guided Yoga Nidra meditation.


$65 per person, includes afternoon tea.

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