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Arm Balance Basics Workshop

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Arm Balance Basics - Workshop with John Allan

Sunday 8th April 2018 | 11.30am-1.30pm | $50

Starting with a short Vinyasa Warm Up, we will delve into basic tips, stretches and movements to help you build and access the strength and flexibility that is already in your body. 

Learn about the use of body locks (bandhas) and why they are so vital for arm balances.

Use some basic props and exercises to cultivate the courage to lift off and fly on your hands!

Warm down and release with some deep stretching, basic myofascial release techniques and essential oils.

Main Arm Balance Focus will be on:
Crow Pose (kakasana) Crane Pose (bakasana) and variations
Side Crow and the myriad of variations
Koundinyasana I & II

Suitable for all levels and booking essential.