One on One Meditation Coaching

There are often times in life when we feel lost, unhappy and out of touch with our intuitive self. I'm not talking the usual ups and downs, but the feeling deep down in your belly that you are just aren't making the most of this short life. Existing in a world (and negative self-talk) that throws at us endless expectation is suffocating, let alone taking time out to really connect with what brings us joy and making a commitment to fight for it. Do you ever stop to think about what lights your fire?

Awesome news, this is all totally normal. More great news, there are so many practical ways to reconnect with yourself and to making this life seriously sweet. It's so short, what do you have to lose? Sure it's easy to stay where we feel safe but as they say, personal growth lies just outside your comfort zone.

If you need a little support along the way, want to get clear on your goals and learn all about the beauty of mindful meditation, let's talk. Steph is available for mind, mood and meditation coaching at the studio.

1 x 45min guided meditation session $60


4 x 45min guided meditation sessions $200



To book email or phone 022 095 4775

Stay tuned as these incredible sessions will soon expand to groups and corporate guided meditations!