Steph Meaden, Health and Wellness practitioner

Are you feeling tired, stressed, lacking in energy and motivation? Is life overwhelming and you can’t find any time for you and your self-care?  Perhaps you have started willing a life you are excited to get out of bed for, considering finally facing those fears or taking positive steps towards where you really want to be. Maybe you don’t know where that is yet and want to take the time to explore your ambitions and health goals… oh the possibilities! 

If you can relate to any of these experiences and want to set goals and work with someone in relation to your health, personal development and lifestyle, you have found the right page and person. The time for change is here.

Health and Wellness Consultations  

As we are becoming more aware of the impact that our happiness has on our mental and physical health, taking our lifestyle, stress levels and health goals into consideration is essential. Maintaining a healthy body and mind is known to prevent illness and promote positive wellbeing which is increasingly becoming known as 'preventative medicine'.

With a growing focus on leading healthier lifestyles, Steph can support you to achieve this by assessing your individual needs, goals, personal habits, and making recommendations based on exercise, nutrition, and stress management.  You will walk away with simple solutions that you can incorporate into your day to lead a happier and more fulfilling life, leaving you more motivated and energized. As we know and love that we are all so different, your individual needs will guide sessions and recommendations will be based on you.  

Contact Steph on 022 095 4775 or to discuss your needs and discover a healthier, happier new you.  

Health and Wellness Consultations