Making the most of springtime and sunshine!

Making the most of springtime and sunshine!

After the amazing opening of Yoga West, the community support has been overwhelming. There is nothing more exciting and heart filling than seeing our lovingly created space filled with laughter, inspiration, kick ass yoga classes and good health. Thank you to you all, teachers and yogis, for being part of this.

Inspired by our recent Spring into Summer promotion and the beautiful workshop lead by Laetitia O’Connell and Bridget Broomfield over the weekend, it’s got me thinking about the power of the seasons.

During my yoga teacher training, I remember being particularly interested in the philosophy of seasonal change as understood from an Ayurveda (life-knowledge) perspective. After adopting a few simple tips and ideas, I now get excited about the possibilities and change that comes with each new natural rhythm and finding ways to stay grounded amongst this. 

It is thought that when we are disconnected from the seasonal shifts that are happening in nature, our mind and body will move further away from feeling balanced and at ease, and towards a greater risk of physical and mental un-wellness. Making simple shifts in our daily routines as new seasons roll around can be hugely beneficial for our health and wellbeing. 

Here are a few of my thoughts on making the most of the last couple of weeks of spring before the summer months unfold.

1.       Cleanse. Start your day with a hot or warm glass of water with lemon, it’s an oldie but a goodie!  A classic way of stimulating digestion and cleansing the body.  

2.       Lighten up. In general, springtime is a time to lighten the diet and shed the winter cushioning which is of course, essential for hibernating in the cooler months just passed! It is recommended to reduce heavy and oily foods as well as meat and dairy and is a great time to start making the most of the delicious fresh greens, herbs and astringent (like grapefruit) foods to promote cleansing of the liver and digestive organs. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed and refined foods, will lead you in the right direction. 

3.       Embrace the energy. With all the new daylight hours and sunshine, explore some creative ways to change up your routine and mix things up. This will allow for new space and opportunities and is an amazing way to shed habits that are no longer working for you. Spend some time setting goals and plans for the next few months, to motivate your positive change.

4.       Bring on the balance. Meditation and yoga are great ways to set new intentions, stay grounded and keep the mind calm. And of course improves sleep, energy, depression, anxiety, mood, mindfulness… the list is endless. Get amongst it. 

5.       Sweat and go upside down. Get outdoors and sweat! Our bodies are amazing and we spend so much of the winter months hibernating and escaping the cool and rainy weather. The sun is out now, so get out there, stretch, run, jump and do cartwheels on the grass. In yoga, inversions, shoulder stands and going upside down is an instant pick me up and the best way to get new oxygen circulating in your bloodstream. Your body and mind will love you for it!

6.       Be kind. This goes for every season and every day if possible! Kindness to others goes along way but mostly, to yourself. The more love you give yourself the more you will embrace all the things you know are good for you.

Enjoy the sunshine and new time.

Steph x