Finding your fire!

Finding your fire

There are often times in life when we feel lost, unhappy and out of touch with our intuitive self. I'm not talking the usual ups and downs, but the feeling deep down in your belly that you are just aren't making the most of this short life. Existing in a world (and negative self-talk) that throws at us endless expectation is suffocating, let alone taking time out to really connect with what brings us joy and making a commitment to fight for it. Do you ever stop to think about what lights your fire?

The last 3 years have thrown all sorts my way. Unhappiness in my career, personal upheavals and confusion about my 'purpose' was overwhelming my ability to feel happy, present and excited about life. It totally affects relationships with others and most importantly self. In my experience as a mental health practitioner, living out of sync with our personal values and life meaning has the biggest impact on the health of our mind and mood.

Awesome news, this is all totally normal. More great news, there are so many practical ways to reconnect with yourself and to making this life seriously sweet. It's so short, what do you have to lose? Sure it's easy to stay where we feel safe but as they say, personal growth lies just outside your comfort zone.

Mindful practices, yoga and meditation created a space and place for me to find my calm. Figure out who I truly am and not who society, family or friends want me to be. (Shout out to my amazing husband who wants me to be me). It feels so good to now have a stronger sense of knowing what gets me excited and trusting the process of what this life has in store. Its been worth the battle and risks, trust me. And there will be plenty more to come.

Meditation is taking off. Keeping focused, happy and mindful in the modern world is a new kind of challenge we face. As I explain to those who I teach meditation, we are committed to our body by eating well, brushing our teeth and having a shower every day, what do we do to clean our mind? How can we hope to get the most out of our mind power if we don't attend to it? Meditation improves mood, sleep, relationships, sex and reduces anxiety, worry, stress and blood pressure. Sold yet? Most importantly, it allows you to develop a relationship with yourself you didn't think possible. 

If you need a little support along the way, want to get clear on your goals and learn all about the beauty of mindful meditation, let's talk. I'm available for mind, mood and meditation coaching at the studio (email or click here for more info). Keep your eyes out for the Mindful Meditation course I'll be running at YW soon and the Corporate Meditation sessions available to be held at your work place.  

To all my friends fighting the battle, you know who you are - it's totally worth it, keep finding those sweet spots!

Steph x