How to open a yoga studio in less than 3 months...

Never have I more fully believed that when something is meant to be, hold onto your hat peeps because there is no stopping it! So, it’s going to be quite a challenge writing this blog while simultaneously not sounding like a complete flake. I’ll do my best…

The creation of Yoga West has been an organic, energising and totally liberating experience. There is nothing quite like finding your thing and feeling like your years of positive intentions and sun salutations are finally paying off (off the mat).  

Throw into the mix an inspirational hairdresser, the perfect location, an amazingly supportive husband, a yoga and adventure loving soul sister and her spectacular other half and, in less than 3 months the doors of Yoga West opened. 

The perfect people have been met (of most importance our incredible and soulful yoga teachers) and no doubt there are plenty more hiding around the corners of this luminous path. When you are embarking on the right journey, support and offers of help and love from friends, family and complete strangers will surprise, amaze and inundate you. Nothing seems too hard and if it does, your business partner will send you a text saying “we got this”. All in all, it’s unstoppable.

A wise lady and amazing business partner once sent me this and I couldn't agree more, “find a group of people who inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life” –Amy Poelher, Project Happiness. 

After years of working with people to understand the power of the mind, the possibility of talking ourselves in and out of anything has never been more clear to me. We are what we think and who we surround ourselves with. So, keep sending out those positive vibes, peeking behind those doors and it will come.

Take the risk, life is short- make it one you want to be thrilled you lived.

Steph x